Music was definitely the first creative medium I fell in love with/became obsessed with. I can't say enough, how much it helps with self-expressing, or processing emotion, but in addition to that, it was something that truly helped me connect more with others. Music opened many doors to collaborations that helped me grow as a writer, producer, and person as well.


  Below, you'll find some examples of the programs and tools that I utilize to compose, edit and produce music, along with some of the projects that I have self-produced or co-produced over the years. 

Logic Pro X is my preferred DAW (digital audio workstation) for audio design, used in tandem with a large catalog of third party plug-ins from izotope, native instruments, spitfire audio, celemony, valhalla, etc, etc...

Audio composition / production example

Here's a little production / composition example of a retro synth instrumental I'm working on. It's called "Travel Montage".

Here are some of the projects that I have composed and either self-produced or co-produced over the years. Thanks for listening! 

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Audio design audio editing