My name is Justin, and I’m a multimedia creator local to Southern Maine. I started exploring art and music when I was 12, and was quickly drawn in. At first, it was a means of expressing myself, but I quickly became obsessed with all of the creative possibilities. This rapidly lead to my fixation with digital audio workstations, 

synthesizers, software plug-ins, and audio production in general.


  After familiarizing myself with producing my own music, I turned my mind toward visual arts and graphic creation, out of necessity. I taught myself how to use a variety of software to piece together album artwork and packaging layouts. From this, I started offering my creative mind to others, helping their ideas become realities.

  Besides a ravenous desire to create, I feel I bring a level of excitement and energy to anything I set out to design. I’m also very big on communication and getting to the root of exactly what needs to be created, and what purpose it should serve. I find this approach not only saves time, but also results in the best possible product. I have a lot of creative energy to spare, and am sure I could bring your vision to life.


Tell me about yourself, and what I can help you create! (contact me below)



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